Easter was spent at home today. We had a visit from some local people who’s children came to play. The Doctor who is staying with us till he finds a place was here too. I made some pork and baked beans with carrots and slaw.

Marshall called us from Hawthorne House and he should be coming soon. I managed to get a few seconds of FaceTime before the connection was lost. I was happier to see the house than him I think. A real house with real things in it. My bedroom with a real bed and pillows and sheets. I remember what it was like to sleep in that room. Warm, safe, and quiet with the TV on and the sound of little feet coming in the hall to get in bed.

I miss Hawthorne House. The yard, the smell of the flowers, the sound of the city. I really miss it. I never thought I would miss Columbus but I do. I can not pick what I miss most today about home. I am jealous that Marshall is there sleeping in the bed I always sleep in. It was my bed and became more so just my bed when he went to work out of town three years ago. I spent more time alone at Hawthorne than with him and now that he is there alone it’s not fair that I am alone here. That he is in my house. We came here to be closer to him and he is there and we are here. Very strange feeling. Maybe this house will become a home too someday like Hawthorne was for us.

Happy Easter. We miss you.

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