The Swarm

Living in Africa is like nothing I have ever done. I love camping and being out doors but this gives new meeting to camping. I spent a summer in Yellowstone and one in Montana. I have road my bike over 500 miles a year towing the kids and gear camping and on trails around town. I fancy myself an outdoors type with endless energy and a love of what God has given me to explore.

But Africa is different. Along with the things everyone wants to see and knows even before they enter school Africa is blessed with a managarie of the strange and bizarre. For example this morning as I fell out of bed half asleep and wondered down the hall to the bathroom I was greeted by a swarm of flying ants. Now as you laugh under stand it was a swarm. The walls and floor were black with these things. All with wings and flying in my hair and now with a unused surface to land on using me as a wall.

I screamed and ran for the cover of the bug net over my bed. I prayed, I cried why me, and as the bottom started to fall out I found myself reverberating my oldest child’s daily chant “I want to go home”. After Alex our Gardner came in the morning I was told not to worry this happens every rainy season and it is normal. In October we will be able to eat the ones that come, they are quite prized.

I still love the out doors. I still love camping and endless trecks on bikes with kids…But I don’t think I am in Kansas anymore.

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