Fathers day in Africa

Today we made cupcakes for Fathers Day. Baking here is hard because our oven has no settings. It is on and off. But you know hanging out with the two coolest kids around is worth it.


We ended up with twelve cupcakes out of twenty-six as we ran out of batter. May have been the mice that helped me make them


My little chef mouse and my littlest chef mouse

It’s very cool to bake with mice.

This also got me thinking about our time here. How it has been, how long, how short, how hard. We all have our days where we want to go home. There are days when the kids want to go so bad and it seem like we will never make it. Then there are days when they want nothing more than to stay.

We have encounter nothing less than spiritual war fair from the moment we touched down here. There are days when I think how can we make it. But we are staying. I have grown in faith like I have never known. I have grown in God like I have never experienced. I have come to know what God is in control really means. I have come to know my Father in a whole new way than could have never happened at home.

So this Fathers day has a special meaning for me. Thank you God for being my Father. For never leaving me. For taking all I throw at you and still loving me. And most of all for what you have done for us here in Africa.

And for all the Fathers we left back home. Happy Fathers day. Oh and Papa Erin, Adia and the crew send our love to you. Happy Fathers Day.

Direct from Uganda

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