Tofu Ugandan Style

We have went vegan in Uganda. There is no clean meat at the market and the children have grown tired of rice and beans. I have to admit I am with them on this one. So I started to look up some ideas on my limited Internet (hint to Grandma – email us vegan recipes). I found a great two week vegan menu on the PETA website.

The problem with most of the menus I have found is they use a lot of soy and tofu. There is no tofu in Mabarara, Uganda. So I found a recipe to make our own.


We set up shop in the kitchen and Obet who really wants to learn to cook helped me.


Alex lit the stove and we began to cook.


After heating the first time you have to strain, and add salt or lemon juice to get curds.
At this point you can also pull off soy milk for drinking. There is no soy milk in Mabarara, Uganda so if it works the girls are going to be so happy. They were raised on soy milk and miss it a lot and given the alternative here is fresh cows milk full of germs soy is looking really good to us. I have to admit I am tired of water on corn flakes too.


Still cooking. . .


We then got a pitcher of milk and separated the “honest” pulp off the mix.

All in all it turned out ok. We have a pitcher of milk, a large pot of pulp for making burgers and bread and a small amount of tofu. I’m still not sure why the tofu was so small. I am thinking it could be because I used lemon juice instead of Epsom’s salts (again not in Mabarara, Uganda). But it turned out well enough that I will make it

Direct from Uganda

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