Our mission

We are the Fearn Family and we lived in Mabarara, Uganda. We decided to move there from Columbus Ohio to be closer to my husband’s work. I had also wanted to work as a Midwife, so I began working with a local mission here. We have two children and a dog. This journey has been a life changing experience for us.

My original dream of going to Africa was to find a village to set up an eco-friendly birthing center to minister to the needs of women and children that would be self sustaining. I had high hopes of using already developed programs that are being used around the word, but as it turns out the universe had a different plan for our family this time around.

What we found was one family that needed us as much as we needed them. Life was hard when we arrived in Mabarara, and everyone wanted something from us. We lived behind a wall separated from the outside world with two men who showed us how the world worked in this far away place.

This is really their story more than ours, and it’s about how they’re changing their world for the better in ways we never can.

Please join us in supporting them in their work. We look forward to joining them again someday, and we hope to see a village’s dreams come true.

Fearn Family

We have went vegan in Uganda. There is no clean meat at the market and the children have grown tired of rice and beans. I have to admit I am with them on this one. So I started to look up some ideas on my limited Internet (hint to Grandma – email us vegan recipes). I found a great two week vegan menu on the PETA website. Keep on Reading

I am not sure what to think about driving here. It’s very different. My husband wrote a post about living in Congo that sums up driving better than anything I could ever write. So I am reposting it here. Keep on Reading

Today we made cupcakes for Fathers Day. Baking here is hard because our oven has no settings. It is on and off. But you know hanging out with the two coolest kids around is worth it.


We ended up with twelve cupcakes out of twenty-six as we ran out of batter. May have been the mice that helped me make them
Keep on reading!

Living in Africa is like nothing I have ever done. I love camping and being out doors but this gives new meeting to camping. I spent a summer in Yellowstone and one in Montana. I have road my bike over 500 miles a year towing the kids and gear camping and on trails around town. I fancy myself an outdoors type with endless energy and a love of what God has given me to explore. Keep on Reading

Easter was spent at home today. We had a visit from some local people who’s children came to play. The Doctor who is staying with us till he finds a place was here too. I made some pork and baked beans with carrots and slaw. Keep on Reading

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