Tofu Ugandan Style

We have went vegan in Uganda. There is no clean meat at the market and the children have grown tired of rice and beans. I have to admit I am with them on this one. So I started to look up some ideas on my limited Internet (hint to Grandma – email us vegan recipes). I found a great two week vegan menu on the PETA website. Keep on Reading

Fathers day in Africa

Today we made cupcakes for Fathers Day. Baking here is hard because our oven has no settings. It is on and off. But you know hanging out with the two coolest kids around is worth it.


We ended up with twelve cupcakes out of twenty-six as we ran out of batter. May have been the mice that helped me make them
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The Swarm

Living in Africa is like nothing I have ever done. I love camping and being out doors but this gives new meeting to camping. I spent a summer in Yellowstone and one in Montana. I have road my bike over 500 miles a year towing the kids and gear camping and on trails around town. I fancy myself an outdoors type with endless energy and a love of what God has given me to explore. Keep on Reading