Thank you to every one. With in 24 Hours of reaching out we have fully funded this project.

I would like to offer my thanks to every one who shared this cause and donated to it from the bottom of my heart.

I will continue to leave the page up for another week incase there are others who would like to make a donation for the Refugees in Greece. Also feel free to look at sponsoring one of our other projects or Children in Africa to go to school.

We are in need of funds to provide emergency dental care to a few Refugees in Greece.

We know you’ve already put so much of your time, money, and life into this process already, and we know resources are not always high.

But if you’re able, we need help to finance dental care for five individuals.
This will cost roughly 500.00 Euros. If you could all chip in just a little, it could add up to a lot. And we all know how much comfort the little things are to these migrants, let alone the comfort regular medical and dental care offers.  There is also two children in the need of dental care and we will work on getting them to the dentist if we get extra funds after the original bill is paid.

Keep your eyes out for fundraisers we’ll be throwing, including a recital performance of flute music performed by our administrative assistant Sarah Torrance, artwork by our wonderfull art team, and sewing by Erin and Adia Fearn.

But if you’re just feeling generous, click on the give button on our website,

or our facebook page,

Thank you for your kindness and continued support of Direct Uganda.

We love you all!

Dental Donations

$805 of $800 raised
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Donation Total: $30

Learn More about Who you are funding

AB – Received two fillings at a total cost of 60 Euros and is in need of one more filling at a cost of 30 euros

MM- Received one filling at a cost of 30 Euro and is in need of a deep cleaning to prevent infection at a cost of 30 Euro

GM – Has started the procedures to have a root canal and will need a filling to complete the procedures at a total cost of 130 Euros (50 Euros of this has been funded above)

SM – Received two fillings at a total cost of 60 Euros and is in need of two more fillings at a of 60 Euros total. (60 Euros of this has been funded in the above donations)


Photos are available to those who fund with permission from the recipients of the funding.


Thank you and please feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns you may have.


Charity Fearn